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Here’s what some of our customers have said about our work:

We received a letter and brochure from Dalton Mountain Forestry a few years ago. We were not sure that we wanted to have logging done on our property, but after retiring, we had time to do the research needed to help us make a decision.

We called for an appointment, and after meeting with Bryan, we knew immediately that our research was done. We were ready to have our property managed, and there was no need to call other companies.

Yes, Bryan is that good!!! He is polite and very easy to work with. He is knowledgeable, and his passion for his work is obvious.

The whole process exceeded our expectations in every way. Bryan is a true professional, and we give him our highest recommendation.

Ron and Pam Weilbrenner

Goffstown, NH

Bryan was a true professional in every step of the process, from assessing my 168 Acres, development of an excellent forestry plan, taking care of approvals and paperwork, execution of the operation, and through to completion and close out. He was highly responsive to communication with me throughout and kept me up to date with every step and delivered detailed documentation.

Bryan was very detailed and thoughtful in marking of the property, which was no easy task in rough terrain, and selection and marking of timber. He kept close tabs on the operations to make sure all went according to plan. It was not possible for me to be at the site very often, so I relied completely on Bryans oversight and integrity to make sure it went according to plan and there were no surprises. He exceeded my expectations. I had some special requests for how I wanted some parts of the property to be managed and he took care to make sure it went according to my desires.

It’s not easy to find the superior level of service and professionalism these days that I received from Bryan. I very highly recommend his services!


Wilmot, NH

Due to the variabilities of weather, timber markets, mill capacities, and reliability of timber companies, our land conversion project seemed doomed from the start. Despite this, not only was Bryan able to get the project accomplished, he exceeded our expectations and provided more income than we expected. He improved our land, protected our assets, and gave expert advice throughout. He was the professional we needed while we tackled our huge land project creating fields, silvo-pasture, forests, and wildlife habitats!


Stratham, NH, Winnicut River Farm, Town of Stratham Conservation Easement

As senior citizens owning 65 acres of land, we decided to harvest some timber. When we asked questions of Bryan, he answered them in detail and whenever he said he was going to start the process of harvesting, it started with no delays. The process was neat with NO deep holes in the ground and no piles of brush lying around on the ground. When he said the job would be finished by a certain time frame, that is when it was done. We have had other loggers come out and harvest timber for us in the past with disappointing results, but Bryan is the true professional. He knows what he is doing, shares information with the landowner and gets the job done well!


Deerfield, NH

The quality of the work was outstanding, the roads and staging areas were left clean and in better condition than expected. The timber prices were spot on and the work sheets were clear and easy to understand. The overall income exceeded our expectations.

Dan P

Allenstown, NH

Bryan and I took on the project of turning my 50 acres into a tree farm and get it harvested for the first time.

Bryan was a pleasure to work with. He is well trained and has many years of experience in the industry growing up in a family of Forestry. He was diligent in his work effort, did all the field survey work and TSP work in a fast and efficient manner. His documents were professionally done, excellent representation of the forest and made all our paperwork and project sail through the process of becoming a tree farm.

Next when we logged the property Bryan did an awesome job again getting the property logged to afford good growth and a healthy forest. He managed the project without an issues and left the property clean, seeded and ready for the next logging adventure. Bryan is awesome and a pleasure to work with. He has a great attitude and loves what he does. I would highly recommend him for any forestry project.

Keep up the great work Bryan, you made it a breeze for me to accomplish my goals. Michael Thompson

Candia, NH

Living on the other side of the nation, I was unable to personally monitor thinning cuts to be made on steep slopes in an environmentally sensitive area.

I put my trust in Bryan and have not been disappointed. He kept me abreast of activities, responded promptly in answering my several questions and provided detailed documentation of timber sales. No Slash piles were left and the haul ways and yarding area were left in great condition. I strongly recommend Bryan and will use him again for my next cut. Bob

Alaska (Lyman, NH landowner)

We had been contemplating the idea of having our land logged for a few years. We had several other companies/individuals look at the property and give us estimates as to our timber value, none of which were enough to warrant the process to us. When we met Bryan, first of all, he was far more professional than any of the others had been, so that was good. Then, he provided us with a timber value estimate that was nearly double any previous estimate! Bryan and his contracted logging company did all of the work in an exact time frame that was projected, as well as doing the job precisely as planned. It was easy to contact Bryan throughout the process with questions as they came up, and he was happy to answer each time. When the work was completed, the amount of money Bryan paid us exceeded the highest estimate he had given originally. We are very happy with the outcome and strongly recommend Dalton Mountain Forestry!! Adam and Kristen

Canaan, NH

I had been considering how to “manage” my 50 acre property, to open up growth, keep it healthy, and set it up for future income when my kids neared college. Bryan’s clear and open style made it easy to understand what I could, and could not, get out of the land. I did check his work at other locations and saw the results that I was looking for, selective cutting promoting quality growth. After our initial discussion and walks of the property, Bryan provided a concise proposal showing all estimated costs and income. When work began it was exactly what I specified. Bryan and I met and reviewed it’s progress, and revised plans only slightly.

My neighbors, some long-term owners and farmers, commented on the speed and quality of the work they saw. Minimum slash and waste was left behind, and no trash. All temporary bridging for skidding over seasonal stream beds were cleared. During heavy rains I did see an overflow of one of the erosion control ditches, but I was able to correct it easily. The final tally was very close to that estimated, with all records, logger, taxes, etc. provided for review. Timber prices where right in line with the market.

Now, over a year later, I walk the trails left and see the growth that I was looking for, and plan on contracting Bryan in the future. Bob

Candia, NH

Bryan handled the thinning of my woodlot in Deerfield, NH in the autumn of 2013. I was impressed by his professionalism in marking the trees to meet my objectives and his overseeing the harvest. The land was left in good condition with only a few bumper trees scarred and very little slash. I highly recommend Bryan if you are considering forestry work done on your property. Marty M.


As an “absentee” property owner, I received first class help and support from Bryan in setting up all the required forms and statements to allow timber cutting to proceed. Although I have not yet seen the property, the reports and detailed information he sent me were superb. No doubt I’d use his services again. Hugh

Louisiana (Warner, NH landowner)

I’ve had light logging done on my property in the past with less than satisfactory results, including incomplete work and excessive remaining slash, so when I determined that my 40+ acres were in need of thinning again, I was understandably cautious and skeptical. Working with the NRCS (National Resources Conservation Service), I found a list of licensed foresters, but only their formal qualifications were presented; nothing provided insight into their actual performance. So I was pretty much on my own.

I contacted Bryan based upon a well-written, informative mailing I received from him. After speaking with him, I crossed my fingers and agreed to have him prepare a forestry management plan for my property. I was impressed: it was remarkably thorough and complete, and extended well beyond my initial priorities, fully addressing the total health of my woodlot.

The thinning operation was scheduled, and Bryan kept me well informed of minor changes in the timing. Once begun, progress was swift and fully compliant with the agreed-upon plan. Bryan was frequently on-site to supervise the entire operation, and the logging company he recommended performed professionally and responsibly. My woodlot has benefitted as I had hoped from this operation, and I am highly satisfied with the results. Bryan has restored my faith in the logging industry. I recommend him highly. John M.

Deerfield, NH

When my father in-law informed me of his desire for a maintenance cut of his 70 acres, I was a little apprehensive. Bryan honored every thing outlined in our stated agreement. The thinning of the land has better served the health of his forest. My father in-law could be not more pleased as well as I. I would recommend Bryan to anyone considering forestry work in the future. I wish him well in all future endeavors. Jim

Littleton, NH

Bryan took all of the guess work out of the process and provided me with exactly the information I needed. His communications were always prompt and professional. He provided me with exactly the services that he said he would and the entire process went smoothly. I highly recommend using Bryan’s services. Diane Easter

Landaff, NH

My wife and I acquired a 140-acre parcel that had been heavily logged. We obtained an EQUIP grant from NRCS to develop a conservation plan. Bryan was able to develop a detailed, site-specific conservation plan for the amount of our NRCS grant. He performed the work on schedule. Our new conservation plan provides us not only guidance on being good stewards of our land, but provides suggestions for further NRCS grant applications. I hope that Bryan will be able help us with future projects. Joe Schmidl

Salisbury, NH

As private landowners, we are pleased to offer a strong endorsement of work performed by Bryan Comeau on our property during the winter of 2016/2017. An improvement cut on more than 100 acres was completed after careful planning and under close supervision, on a property of natural, scenic and historic importance. All aspects of the contract were respected and work was completed in a timely fashion. Subsequent post-logging stabilization work was performed to high standards as soon as ground conditions allowed. The conditions of our USDA Wetlands Reserve Program Easement were fully respected.

Bryan is thoroughly enjoyable, welcoming all questions and working closely with us to meet our objectives. Roy and Deborah Stever

Easton, NH

Bryan, it was a pleasure working with you last year. When we first entertained logging our property we had many questions / concerns, but you walked us thru the process step by step and we felt confident we were making the right decision to go with Dalton Mountain Forestry.

We had heard horror stories regarding other logging operations that were not well managed, and the end results were quite disappointing to the owners.

Your patience, supervision and professionalism made all the difference to us . Your advice to selectively harvest our 113 ac was spot on. Not only did we receive a fair market value for the timber, but the job was done in a manner that exceeded our expectations.

While we chose to selective harvest only 30% of our timber, when the work was done we were pleasantly surprised.. Not only was there no clear cutting but the clean up and selective cutting almost made it look like the property was never logged.

We will definitely use Dalton Mountain Forestry again in a few more years. Barbara & Richard Delaney

Hebron, NH

We value our customers feedback and like to hear about your individual experiences. If you have worked with Bryan and would like to add your testimonial, please send it in an email to manage.trees@gmail.com.

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