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Maximizing Timber Value

Working with a licensed forester will increase a landowner’s financial return for several reasons. Use Bryan’s expertise to:

  • Negotiate fair & competitive pricing for forest products. A forester’s in depth knowledge of forest product markets allow for more successful negotiations.
  • Oversight of the utilization of forest products. A forester’s administration on the job ensures each tree is being utilized to its most valuable forest product.
  • Tracking the volume of timber. A forester will track the amount of timber being harvested and removed from your property to ensure the landowner is getting paid for all products.
  • Selecting and marking the trees to be harvested. A forester will select all the trees to be cut ensuring responsible and sustainable management is occurring. By removing only the appropriate trees it allows the remaining trees to increase growth and value for future harvesting opportunities.
  • Compliance with Federal, State, Local, and Environmental regulations. A forester is responsible for ensuring all operations comply with any associated regulations. Fines from violations can often cost landowners large amounts of money, negating any financial return the value of timber may have provided.

Maximizing Timber Values

Freshly harvested timber


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Licensed NH Forester

Before starting any woodlands project, be sure that you’re working with a licensed forester. Bryan Comeau is officially licensed by the NH Board of Foresters.

Licensed VT Forester

Bryan is also a licensed forester in the state of Vermont.

bryan comeau licensed forester in vermont