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Forestry Services

Forestry Services_Harvesting2Landowner Consultation

Meet with a licensed forester to discuss your goals and expectations for your property.



Woodlot Assessment and Timber Valuation

Receive a written summary of your properties condition, potential, timber value, and management recommendations.


ManagementResults11Timber Management and Harvesting

Receive professional administration in the sale of standing timber. A licensed forester will represent the landowner to delineate boundaries, selectively mark timber to be sold and harvested, receive competitive pricing for forest products, contract with responsible and reliable companies capable of completing the job, handle all necessary paperwork, and provide supervision on all aspects of the harvesting operation.

Forest Management Plans

Receive a Forest Resource Inventory to identify and map detailed forest conditions and timber volumes for planning purposes. Have a written Forest Management Plan for specific guidance on how to best manage your property to achieve your goals. Management Plans can be used for Current Use tax deductions, compliance with Conservation Easements, and for individual landowner use.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Focus your management efforts on maximizing wildlife habitats for a diverse mix of species or a specific wildlife species of interest.

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Licensed NH Forester

Before starting any woodlands project, be sure that you’re working with a licensed forester. Bryan Comeau is officially licensed by the NH Board of Foresters.

Licensed VT Forester

Bryan is also a licensed forester in the state of Vermont.

bryan comeau licensed forester in vermont