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Forest Planning

Most landowners only get the opportunity to sell timber once or twice during their ownership, and their management decisions and actions have a lasting impact. Forest management and the sale of timber is a unique, complicated, and technical process. Every woodlot deserves the time, care, and thoroughness of thoughtful forest planning. Proper forest management will provide natural resource and financial benefits for multiple generations. 

Have you thought about the legacy of your land? 

Work with Bryan to promote responsible forest management for multiple generations. 

  • Become a Certified Tree Farm or have Bryan re-certify your existing Tree Farm. 
  • Do you have a Conservation Easement on your land, or is that something you are interested in? 
  • Is the property in a trust, an estate, or small business? 

Bryan can assist with all your family forest planning and create a seamless transition from one generation of forestland owners to the next.

Create or update your Forest Management Plan with Bryan utilizing many of the cost-share funding programs.

Cost Share Funding for Landowners

Bryan is a certified Technical Service Provider for the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA, NRCS). As a “TSP”, Bryan specializes in assisting landowners with securing grants and cost share funding to assist with implementing forestry, agriculture, and wildlife habitat projects. In many cases, the cost share funding will start with having Bryan write a Forest Management Plan for the equal value of your grant resulting in NO out-of-pocket costs for the landowners!

Get a free woodlot assessment!

I’ve known Bryan for close to 10 years and have done two commercial harvests with him over that time along with writing my Forest Management Plan, and multiple excavation projects. In the time since I first started working with Bryan on our woodlot, I’ve met other foresters, wildlife professionals, easement stewards and worked with several different county foresters. All of them have agreed that the work they have seen from Bryan’s management is top notch. I am glad I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bryan and I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue our work in the future.

Bryan is incredibly easy to work with and brings a comfortable professionalism to everything he does. Knowing timber markets and the latest in forestry research is just part of what makes working with him so valuable. Time and again he has demonstrated a willingness to listen to what me and my family’s concerns and dreams are, as well as helping us understand what is possible with managing our woodlot. I can’t say enough about how positive our experience has been with Bryan and I highly recommend him.

Dan King


Licensed NH Forester

Before starting any woodlands project, be sure that you’re working with a licensed forester. Bryan Comeau is officially licensed by the NH Board of Foresters.

Licensed VT Forester

Bryan is also a licensed forester in the state of Vermont.

bryan comeau licensed forester in vermont